![[site-header.png]] The Exodus Archives is a website dedicated to the narrative and lore of Battlefield 2042. My aim is to provide easy access to all of the different methods that convey the narrative. The Archives is constantly in flux as I try to represent this massive story in the best way I can. Battlefield 2042's story is not told in a conventional way for the franchise. It's portrayed through discovery and connections. While this website aims to adjust the accessibility, the story is best experienced when you yourself read through the codex, web lore, player cards, and explore the environments. >"When you're telling a story in live service with a multiplayer experience, you can't tell a linear story because you're not a single player campaign. So it becomes about how can you spread the pieces of story across different components and let the player engage, unpack it, and assemble it in the way that excites them." - Joe Puralewski, Narrative Lead There are various sections that offer specialized information but ultimately connect together to provide the best experience for you! <br> ## Nexus ![[Nexus-Question-Mark.png]] *The Nexus is always expanding, always evolving.* <br> ## No-Pat Adventures ![[No-Pat-Adventures.jpg]] A story that leans into your imagination creates a space where you can bring in elements of the narrative that you enjoy and craft your own story. The **No-Pat Adventures** is where fan submitted stories live. Some are standalone, where others are sprawling series that follow the ongoing story in the live service. [[No-Pat Adventures/Home|Read community submitted stories and series!]] <br> ## Player Card Archives ![[Player-Card-Archives.jpg]] There are well over 200 player cards and it can be overwhelming when reading through them all. In the **Player Card Archives**, the goal is to alleviate this by ordering the cards in a way that portrays the seasonal stories. *This section is still in active development.* [[Player Card Archives/Home|Check out the newest cards!]] <br> ## Impávido Logs The official blog of The Exodus Archives. Read through updates to the website, theories, and coverage of news pertaining to 2042's narrative! [[Impávido Logs/Home|Board the Impávido and receive the latest debrief!]] <br> ## Codex The same Codex you know from Battlefield 2042 on The Exodus Archives! This is perfect for when you want to read the lore but don't have the game up. [[Codex/Home|Learn about the World of 2042 through the Codex!]]